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Some Fast and Effective Styling Tips

We all struggle with our look from time to time, so here are some fast and effective styling tips that will help you to look stunning and well dressed every single day.

  1. Know What Colours Do and Do Not Suit You

Colours can do unpleasant things to your face; they can alter your skin tone by making you appear greyer, yellower, redder, darker or lighter.  They can also make your face shape appear rounder, wider, longer or shorter.

If you are unsure here is a quick link to a Colour Guide and Card that you can purchase that allows you to check which colours are your friend and which colours you should avoid.


Find Your Style

Find Your Style


2.  Know Your Body Shape

It’s important to know which shops are the best for catering to your particular body shape.

You are either:

  • Angular (mainly straight lines)
  • Curvilinear (mainly curved lines)
  • Interjacent (both curved and straight lines)

Remember you are three dimensional, so look at yourself from all angles not just straight on.  With this you should be able to eliminate shops that do not cater for your shape i.e. M&S mainly cut for curved shapes but if you are angular you may feel a little swamped in these clothes, whereas the likes of Mango mainly cut for angular shapes so you may feel a little constrained in these clothes.


3. Ignore Clothing Size Labels


Unless you purchase all your clothes from one shop/brand only, they will all differ. None of them are the same and the models that manufacturers used to use as clothing templates are no longer recognisable to the average size women.  So pick three sizes of the item you like; one in the size you think you are, and the others a size smaller and a size larger.  Nobody can see your label, so there is nothing for you to worry about.  It is more important to trust the way the garment looks when it is on than to fret about the size on the label. If it distresses you that much CUT IT OUT!


 4.  Trying on Clothes

When you try a piece of clothing on in the changing room, especially if it is for your top half, move around.  Reach your arms up and down, twist from side to side, jump up and down, and then look at yourself asking the question does this still look good?  Because we all forget that we do not stand still all day long. Clothing rises and twists but if it falls back neatly that’s great if not…move along nothing to see!


 5.  Is Your Garment Comfortable?

You always need to think about whether what you are wearing is comfortably loose, unless of course you have gone for the skinny jean/spray on look.  Tight clothes that show all your lumps and bumps can make you appear badly groomed.  But don’t confuse comfortably loose for baggy, as again this can have a tendency to look scruffy and unkempt.


 6.  Buy Coloured Vest Tops

Once you know what colours suit you, then it is a good idea to purchase at least four good fitting vest tops in strong hues to add colour when you can.  People who wear colour are viewed as being much more approachable and appear friendlier to us.  You can wear your colourful vest tops underneath jackets, cardigans, blouses, shrugs, and pashminas.


7. Invest in Key Pieces for Your Wardrobe That Will Last


Your list should include:

  • A good pair of jeans
  • A tailored jacket
  • A good coat
  • A tailored trousers/skirt
  • A white or light shirt/blouse
  • A good fitted black dress
  • About three coloured scarf’s/pashminas and two in neutral colours
  • Four coloured vest tops

 Build these items up over time you should be good to go by next season.


 8.  Get Your Bra Size Measured

Get your bra size measured, preferably at the shop you purchase your bras from.  Like other items of clothing, the sizing of bras can vary enormously from one shop to another. Also, don’t forget to get your bra size measured once a year, as your bust size can change over time.

Defile fashion ‘Find Your Style’ Image Mamacoswin Wikimedia Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3,0 Unported